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Who We Are ?

At Quick Secure, we provide extended warranty services for laptops and desktops. Our goal is to provide exceptional protection plan for your devices against unexpected repairs and damages. Quick Secure ensures your device remains in a smooth running condition by giving you reliable and cost-efffective coverage. Extend the life and performance of your laptop and desktop by choosing us.

Why Choose Quick Secure ?

1. Comprehensive Coverage
Quick Secure offers exclusive protection plans that cover unexpected accidental issues, ensuring your peace of mind and protect your valuable investments against unexpected breakdowns.

2. Exceptional Customer Service
We offer 24/7 support team for any queries or claims, providing quick and professional service with a customer satisfaction is our main goal.

3. Affordable and Flexible Plans
We provide a variety of warranty plans which fits your specific requirements and budgets, giving you the flexibility to choose the coverage that best suits your lifestyle and financial situation.
USP of Quick Secure India
  • Money Back Guarantee: If you’re device can’t be repaired then you will get the value of your device from our side.
  • Unlimited Claim Settlement: Unlike other extended warranty services, you can claim unlimited settlement for your device with Quick Secure India.
  • No Question Asked Policy: No questions will be asked by us when you are applying for the claim for your device under our extended warranty scheme.
  • Liquid Spillage Damage Claim: Unlike other extended warranty services, we also provide the damage claim if your device has stopped working due to any kind of liquid (like tea, coffee, water, etc.) spillage on your device.
  • Fire Damage Claim: Unfortunately, if your device get damage due to fire or short circuit then you can easily claim for your damage with us.

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